Winning Garden Award Ceremony

Today, we are happy to announce the winner of Award Wining Garden in 3 categories: award winning garden with fountain centerpiece, award winning garden with BBQ setting, and Chelsea garden’s winning awards.

Award Winning Garden with Fountain Centerpiece

Much of a garden’s appeal lies in its ability to generate a feeling of complete peace and relaxation. For most people, this is one of the most important properties that a garden should possess. What better way to incorporate this than to have a water fountain centerpiece and steady flowing water that’s music to everyone’s ears?

This particular garden created by Fernhill Landscapes is the perfect escape if you just want to take the day off and unwind with the sound of steady flowing water. It was the winner of the 2003 International Landscape Design Gold Award for small residential design of APLD. Situated at the heart of the meditative garden is a beautifully constructed oriental zen-inspired fountain centerpiece with similar trimmings to its attached water works. The fountain carries a steady flow of water into the man-made riverlet. This exquisite award-winning garden can take the soul to a whole new dimension through a different kind of sensory experience, induced by the calming color scheme, balance of garden elements, and of course the stream of flowing water.

Subtle greens and a beautiful balance of textures, heights and shapes provide a perfect contrast to the natural warm and welcoming brown of the wooden water feature. The garden features some interesting plant life that make the entire garden come together. These include bamboo, boxwood, and ornamental grasses. Pebble linings are also placed to add more character to the already handsome garden. Mimicking the zen-inducing designs of the Orient, this garden is truly a perfect marriage of traditional and modern elements.

Award Winning Garden with BBQ Setting

A garden is not just a means for you to display your prized flowers and plant life. It can also be meant for social gatherings and a chance to talk about your passion with loved ones and family members. And since you want to set a warm and welcoming tone in the venue, it’s never a bad idea to toss in some comfortable pieces of furniture and maybe even a barbecue smoker setting so you get to cook up a good barbeque feast without compromising social interaction.

Gavin McWilliam & Andrew Wilson FSGD’s prized roof garden is quite a treat slap-bang in the middle of the city. Who says you can’t have a beautiful garden on a high-rise rooftop? This particular garden has won big in the recent 2017 Society of Garden Designers awards. The color palette and material of the featured architectural designs and pieces of furniture blend very well with the lush plant life that surrounds the social area. It is wonderfully laid out and polished to perfection with careful attention to detail. It features a simple outdoor cooking feature great for barbecues, beers, and a lot of friends and loved ones to join in on the fun. Taking into account this rooftop garden’s city oasis aesthetic and outdoor cooking functionality, we’re giving it a twothumbs up!

This garden just goes to show that while high-rise rooftops are not the most comfortable venues in the world, if you balance it out with just the right amount of plant life, you’re certainly going to have a nightcap barbecue to remember!

Chelsea Garden’s Winning Awards

Creating a beautiful garden with not a lot of space can save you a lot in terms of time and effort. On the other hand, it can also be quite challenging considering the variety of plant life and decorative features you would want to incorporate in one. It doesn’t take an expert to know that gardening isn’t just about keeping your plant life healthy–but also, you’d want it to draw attention. You want to make use of different textures and colors that perfectly complement each other, and it’s quite hard to pull this off if you have limited space.

With this in mind, we present Stuart Craine’s Chelsea garden, the winner of Society of Garden Designers 2015 Best Pocket Garden Award. It’s definitely a winner in our book too. This pocket garden is very sophisticated in its own simplicity and makes sense of the saying, “Less is more.” Picture-perfect in every angle, it is blessed with brilliant use of texture and color and enriched with year-round plant life sustained by great natural conditions. The white flowers that grace the wall of wooden slats add a touch of romance to the atmosphere. It is also built with an outdoor centerpiece and a wooden bench, which makes it a great place to get cozy in the late evenings.

How to Maintain an Award-Winning Garden

If you think the work you put in creating an award-winning garden ends when you’ve finished putting everything together, you’ve never been more wrong. Keeping a beautiful and healthy garden requires a lot of work in the maintenance department. Starting from when you pull out the reliable zero turn radius mower, you want to make sure your lawn stays lush and even, or the visual impact of the entire garden will not be as effective. Aside from making sure your plant life is fully supported, you want to make sure that your lawn is neatly mowed on the regular. We’re bringing you some helpful tips to mow your lawn the right way.

  1. Don’t cut your lawn too short. Scalping one’s lawn unintentionally can occur more frequently than you think, and the effects are far from pretty. A scalped lawn becomes more susceptible to weeds and foreign diseases. Furthermore, it can also expose the soil to too much sunlight, leading to drought.
  2. Bring out the lawn mower only when the grass is dry. Although there’s not much harmful effects that can be caused by mowing wet grass, the opposite would yield better results. This prevents lawn mower clogging and the clumping of grass. If you really have to mow the lawn in damp conditions, it’s best to treat your mower with silicon spray or oil to avoid sticking.
  3. Make sure your lawn mower blade is sharpened before any mowing operation. This allows for a cleaner and even cut.
  4. Get rid of thick stones and branches that are scattered across the lawn, as this could dull or even damage the lawn mower blade. It’s also a good idea to keep an extra blade just in case it breaks down in the middle of the mowing operation.


After being in the gardening and landscaping for too long, you’ll find that there’s no standard trick in maintaining a garden. Certain factors should also be included in the picture, such as weather conditions, soil type, type of grass, and garden size. For the best lawn you can possibly have in your garden, we hope you find these tips helpful.